Succession Planning Workshop 2018

Join us for this valuable, practical and insightful webinar to explore your options, confidently navigate the potential pitfalls and create a clear action plan for implementation. 

In this webinar workshop we will cover:

  • What is a succession plan and why every business owner needs one
  • Your internal and external succession options
  • The essential steps involved in developing a strong plan framework
  • Major challenges you are most likely to face and how to overcome them
  • Tips for navigating the tax and structure implications 
  • Insights for understanding the core business valuation guidelines
  • Guidance for creating a clear action plan for smooth implementation

We'll also explore some of the key issues we most often cover with our clients such as:

  • Desire for succession – is it real or cursory because of the challenge of change?
  • Key reasons for succession and are they significant catalysts for change?
  • Are there realistic values involved? Are your finances robust enough to assume risk of succession? 
  • Is an outright sale a better option?
  • What are the timeframes? It's a lengthy process, so it's important not to leave it too late
  • What legacy issues does the Vendor want/need respected?
  • What is the capacity of family members to take on succession?
  • What is the willingness of family to let go and/or takeover?
  • What tax structures and ability is there to leverage small business concessions?
  • Are your internal employees prepared and/or able to take over business?

You'll leave with Immediate Actionable Insights and two key resources - a Succession Planning Infographic for easy reference and our Valuation Methods Guide PDF

Presenter Stephen Bushell Managing Partner DFK Gooding Partners, Perth 

Presenter Gary Nugent Managing Partner DFK Nugents, Melbourne 



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